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" a musician's paradise, the viral videos would be artists like Michael J. Miles playing his banjo." 
         - Lyn Bremer, WXRT Chicago

Michael J. Miles solo concerts are as electrifying as they are illuminating.


A master player of a diverse range of banjo styles -- notably clawhammer -- and an equally skilled guitarist, Michael creates a unique kaleidoscope of swirling musical textures that have surprised and delighted audiences on three continents for decades.


Many concerts feature Michael playing highly unusual instruments like his 1855 Ashborn fretless banjo that links soulful 19th century vocals to 20th century blues,  and the  ancient hajuj from Morocco, one the grand elders of the drum-with-string banjo. 

Add to these the overpowering Senegalese Halam and the 18th century gourd banjo, and there is a menu of sounds never before combined.  These influences flowed from his international tours in 2004,  2008, and 2011.  


Whatever the instrument, Michael's artistry and the music he produces consistently transcend expectations and genre.


Think you know what banjo sounds like?
"Crossroads" on an 1855 Ashborn Banjo  

"Miles has dared to take on some of the most dramatic and profound music ever written…and succeeded." 
         - Howard Reich, 
Chicago Tribune


“Most beautiful I’ve heard….this is enough to make me want to learn the banjo all over again.”     - Pete Seeger

 Michael performs "Jack of Diamonds."  This performance is in Meknes, Morocco to an audience only some of whom spoke English, but all of whom appreciated Michael's music.  


In this video, Michael demonstrates this Ashborne banjo and describes more detail about its builder and its magical sounds.  This remarkable instrument was known in 1855 as the "Steinway" of the banjo world.